New way to optimize PNG game graphics!

ImagePresso Analyzer is the first and unique solution for Automatic PNG optimization that replaces time consuming and tedious manual optimization by game graphic designers. ImagePresso Analyzer generates the multilevel PNG images with alpha transparency for graphics with gradients or subtle color shifts.

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Photoshop PNG-32bit: 345KB

ImagePresso Analyzer PNG-32bit: 251KB

Change the way you optimize game graphics

Game resource can be optimized by developers and designers because most of games are graphically intensive
and designers’ optimization is a must to reduce the game build size. However, manual optimization by
talented designers is a waste of business time and money and it is less interesting task.
ImagePresso Analyzer offers you a solution to cuts back on manual tasks not only helps eliminate cumbersome
work, but also leads to faster performance and greater graphic quality.

Significantly reduce file size – not quality

There is always a tradeoff between file size and image quality. The more you compress an image the more the
image quality suffers. Especially the PNG format. There is not many options for PNG optimization in Photoshop
especially for true color PNG(PNG-24).
ImagePresso Analyzer’s PNG size reduction is a unique and revolutionary technology that generates a different
PNG outputs just like the JPEG saving options in Photoshop. It preserves the transparency and cut the file
size still in PNG-32(PNG-24 with alpha transparency).
Just reduce the file size with no quality loss. Patent pending for this algorithm.

Create 7 different PNG outputs in less than a minute

Just drop a Sprite Sheet or Texture Atlas into program, then the invisible data will be automatically discarded,
primarily to create the 7 different PNG outputs. Just like the JPEG saving options in Photoshop, ImagePresso
Analyzer can creates Lossless, Maximum, Very High, High, Medium, Low and Very Low outputs. You can easily
compare them in one screen and by clicking specific on output, you can also compare it to the original file.
Then choose the affordable one to save it on your computer.
High quality option compress the file size up to 40%, and Low quality option is up to 90%.

Generates and compress 32-bit PNG for true color image

First impression is the key in Game graphic. That’s why game graphic has become more colorful and over-saturated.
But the online PNG compressors, TinyPNG, reduce the color to 256(8Bit PNG) and lowers the quality
in images that have gradients, shadows, transparency, or other visual effects that contains a wide range of
ImagePresso Analyzer reduce the color depth, but it does not force images into 256 colors only. It compress
the PNG but retain the higher color depth. Therefore the resulting quality is more natural and balanced than
TinyPNG. Of course, it is much faster than online service. ImagePresso Analyzer is perfect for high quality and
large scale game resource.

Highly efficient batch conversion: TGA or PNG to PNG

Game designers have a huge number of files and folders or group them into the same color in Sprite Sheets. Those design assets have multiple resolution. ImagePresso analyzer has not limit of resolution and file size. You can import the TGA and PNG files/folder into the program then it will be optimized and converted to PNG automatically.
Batch process is extremely efficient way to manage a wide range of files. And it helps you avoid spending countless hours trying to convert TGA to PNG.

Create an image, then optimize it at once!

Game developers have always have issues with apps files size due to the Google and Apple’s 100MB restriction
on apps. The initial mobile app size might be small but it will always increases when having events,
updates, adding new language, etc.
And countries with slow internet connection prefer apps with smaller file size. If you run the game server, then
the cost is related to the apk file size. So graphic designers of AAA game studios do not put off the optimization.
They optimize the images as soon as they create the new graphics.
The best time for optimization is now!

What Customers Are Saying

Imagepresso is simple and results are amazing!
Just drag and drop the image resource folder,
then it extracts 7 different optimized results to
each image for review, then we choose the best
one and save it. The whole process from start to
finish was flawless. I found their careful consideration
on background color applying feature to
check gradients of transparent images. Image-
Presso is an extremely well-made program!Jaehwan Park, Lead Artist in Nanali studio
Managing and optimizing thousands of graphics
is the most inefficient work in time and cost
aspects. ImagePresso solves this problem! It is
far much effective and efficient PNG optimizer
than handmade work done by designers. We
saved a lot of time especially to reduce the
complicated textures size.Jiung Na, CEO in madorca


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System requirements

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Internet connection is required to use program.